Best shoulder neck and back massage while driving

Are you looking for the best shoulder neck and back massage while driving without having to hold anything or make any adjustments.  Do you drive long hours for work, get stuck in traffic, or choose a vacation that requires a long driving period  to get to your destination and you suffer from back and shoulder pain?

Fortunately there is some relief that is available for you at those times to be able to get a relaxing massage for those tired and aching and painful muscles that have been exposed to long periods of sitting.

The TENS is a device that uses electrical current for stimulating the nerves in our body and is used for healing and therapeutic for nerve conditions that can become inflamed and need stimulation through massage therapy.  Chiropractors use the TENS as they are very useful in providing relief to affected parts of the body through electrical massage, in particular the lower back region. They produce a low voltage of electrical current to the nerves that provides stimulation for pain relief. It transmits through the skin through and creates a soothing vibration using pads that stick to the skin surface.  It’s almost similar to an EKG machine where there are pads that are placed on the skin surface with a self-adhesive pad to monitor and record the hearts activity.

The pulses produced by the TENS device unit stimulates the areas affected by pain. Two to four electrodes can be attached to the self-adhesive pads and then attached to the area that requires stimulation to create comfort to the affected area. The TENS devices can be used as a  battery operated or electrical appliance. The device regulates frequency, Intensity, and pulse width. These frequencies can be low less than 10 Hz or higher greater than 50 Hz. At high frequency with its intensity below motor spas mic contractions,, or low frequency where the perception is felt as a slight motor spas mic contraction. The contraction is then  followed by a relaxation period, then the contraction continues in a repetitive sequence. The bio-electric current from the TENS device promotes natural pain relief for the best shoulder neck and back massage while driving.

The TENS unit can stay on the body for many hours of the day to be able to massage your painful and stressed areas. The TENS unit give quick relief for chronic and acute pain. The units are portable and you can take them with you to work, when traveling and in particular when driving to relieve shoulder and back pain. They are ideal for use in the car due to being able to set them up and leave in the right position without making adjustments. You will not experience any side effects like painkillers that can often affect you or restrict you from driving whilst taking them.

Best shoulder neck and back massage while drivingPurePulse™ Duo EMS & TENS Combo Device 

If you are a first-time buyer, you may want to know what the best TENS device for you. The best unit that I recommend is the PurePulse™ Duo EMS & TENS Combo Device for the best shoulder neck and back massage while driving.

The PurePulse™ Duo EMS and TENS is a combination stimulation unit  the TENS unit stimulates the nerve endings while the EMS unit stimulates the muscles.  It is small enough to fit into a pocket or purse for use at any time. The benefits of this type of therapy will have the same results as that of a chiropractor, massuesse. You can save a lot of  money visiting a professional while at the same time be able to get a massage when and where you need it at any time by purchasing one of these little units.

The box has a PurePulse™ Duo EMS & TENS Combo Device unit, 4 standard 2×2-inch self-adhesive electrode pads that can be used for small areas such as your neck and lower arms. Two each 5×3.5-inch butterfly pads for larger muscles,  for instance on your back, legs, buttocks, and abdomen; 2 lead connection wires; 3 AAA batteries; and a  premium storage and carrying bag.

About the Product PurePulse™ Duo EMS & TENS Combo Device for the best shoulder neck and back massage while driving

  • Innovative compact design provides professional-quality therapy for home and travel
  • Includes 8 preset TENS programs, 6 preset EMS programs, an adjustable timer, and dual channel operation with independent intensity controls
  • Easy-to-read LED display shows the program, therapy mode, intensity level, and time remaining in your treatment session
  • 5-60 minute adjustable timer lets you customize the length of your treatment session so you can achieve the best outcome for your muscles – 60-second automatic shutoff preserves battery life
  • Includes 7 part video series by renowned physical therapist on how to use the device, muscle stimulation & training advice, pain management best practices, pain relieving exercises and more


Best shoulder neck and back massage while driving

Best shoulder neck and back massage while driving

Best shoulder neck and back massage while driving