Gideon Seat Cushion Vibrating Massager with Heat

Gideon Seat Cushion Vibrating Massager with HeatGideon Seat Cushion Vibrating Massager

If you suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis or some other similar type of medical condition, it may be worthwhile considering buying a massage cushion to help relieve the pain. The cost is affordable in contrast to purchasing a massage chair.  A massage cushion is still able to give good relief from pain.   It has a lot of benefits that can be achieved instead of using a massage chair.

For the budget minded you cannot go past the Gideon seat cushion vibrating massager with heat, it is truly affordable. It also has the ability to provide you with a great massage every time in the comfort of your own home, in the car and can be easily transported when travelling away from home.

Gideon Seat Cushion Vibrating Massager with Heat features

Several Vibration Points

This cushion does not offer the rolling massage that you would normally get with a Shiatsu chair, even though it does do a good job of mimicking that experience through the use of using ten different vibration points. The vibration points cover the main areas of the body including the neck, upper back, the shoulders, the lower back, the hip and thigh areas.  It covers most areas of the body that may need a massage.

Specific Spot Massage

If you choose to have a massage in one particular troublesome spot the Gideon seat cushion vibrating massager allows you to choose specific spot massagers. For instance you can massage just your lower back, or your hips and thighs, your upper back depending on the place on your body that requires stimulation.  You can also choose to have a full body massage if time permits.

Four Different Massage Methods

The Gideon seat cushion vibrating massager has four different massage methods to choose from. They are kneading, tapping, pulsating and rolling.  Depending on the different parts of our body and how sensitive you are you may prefer one method over another, or like all four.  In the rolling and kneading methods they are built into the massage cushion with no moving parts.

Select Your Strength

Most complaints regarding massage chairs or cushions is that they can be too intense and hard as they press down on the body in particular areas that may be sensitive to the stimulation. With the Gideon seat cushion vibrating massager it has the option of the four different massage methods that allow you to control the intensity that is right for your body.


The Gideon seat cushion vibrating massager comes with a control that operates the massage cushion and it is a remote control device. This allows you to access all of the functions such as a hard or soft intensity, the type of massage including kneading, tapping, pulsating and rolling.  You can also choose specific spot massages and if you require heat as well it is available by pressing a button.

Massage Timer

The Gideon seat cushion vibrating massager also has a timer setting, you can select between three different massage times. There is the 15 minute massage, a 30 minute massage and a 60 minute massage.  The massage cushion allows you to automatically set the timer if you require a massage for more than 30 minutes.


As with most massage cushions the Gideon seat cushion vibrating massager comes with strap that allows you to be able to tie the massage cushion to a chair. The strap works fine on normal chairs like an office chair or car seat, but does not allow for chairs that are recliners and such.

Two Heating Areas

The Gideon seat cushion vibrating massager comes with two heating areas.   The two areas are one for the lower back and one for your buttocks area.  A lot of other massage cushions do not offer more than one heating area function.  This makes the Gideon seat cushion vibrating massager stand out from the rest.


It’s critical to call attention to what this item can’t accomplish for you before you rush out to buy it. It won’t come close to a genuine back rub seat with inherent Shiatsu usefulness as it has no genuine moving parts. These sorts of seats have rollers that climb and down your back, re-making a practically human touch, yet this pad depends solely on vibration focuses to give you a general unwinding knead it’s not bad, but rather it’s not as amazing as a genuine back rub.

Another worry that a few people may discover with this pad is that the lower back engine may tend to dive into your back a little bit in any event a few consumers have complained about this issue. This may have something to do with your stature and how you sit in the seat, yet it’s critical to remember in any case.


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