Massage Cushions: Pro’s & Con’s

Massage cushionsLet’s take a look at some of the Pro’s and Con’s of purchasing a massage cushion. There are many different types of electric massage cushions on the market.  Some are heated, optional speed settings, automatic cut- off switches, spot massage functions, width adjustment, a rolling massage as well as a shiatsu massage that uses a kneading technique.

We all have different needs and specific areas of our bodies that we want to be able to massage. It is important that you select the right type of massage cushion that will be able to reach those specific areas of your body.  It’s always a good idea to do plenty of research before making up your mind about any one selection.

There are also different brand names to choose from.

MoMedics has shown to be one of the leading brands of chair massage cushions. Some of these massage cushions can provide full coverage for your back and shoulders. You are able to adjust the massage to your needs by selecting either a rolling type of massage which is gentle or a kneading massage if you want a deep massage.  You can also have a spot massage and they come with a heat function.

They also have The Sharper Image brand available as well now.

The difference between the HoMedics and The Sharper Image is that the Sharper Image cushion’s adds air massage. The air bags provide a gentle massage by squeezing your sides and lumbar areas.  They also have heat and a good level of adjustability.

Brookstone is a Shiatsu seat topper which is heated and delivers a rolling and kneading massage. It is a popular choice of chair massage pad as it has the functions of a kneading massage and a rolling massage along with the use of heat which can be beneficial for sore muscles.  The rotating program provides deep relaxation to targeted areas.  It is an ideal chair massage pad for the office.

Zyllion is another brand that incorporates a Shiatsu massage cushion that can deliver a gentle massage as well as an option to have a vibrating seat. It comes with an adjustment control that you are able to choose the level of massaging and vibration that you require.  It also is able to spot massage different areas of the body.

The Five Star brand is a 10-motor seat cushion massager that comes with a thermostat for heat control. It has a three speed option for the level of massage that is required by the user and offers four different programs to choose from.  It does not provide a Shiatsu massage, only vibration.  It can cover the entire back, neck and thighs.  It has four massage programs that you can choose from in order to customize your experience.  The heated back massager also comes with a remote control.

Some of the Pro’s

The above brands are provided by the reviews that consumers have provided should only be used as a guide when buying your massage cushion. Consider the purpose of your own needs when making your selection.

  • If you are looking for a massager to use on your neck, back and shoulders then make sure you check that the chair massager pad is going to be able to reach those specific areas to be able to give you the relief that is required for you.
  • Look for chair massage cushions that have specific spot massage functions, heat and or thermostat controls and an adjustment that can be altered for your width.
  • One of the benefits of having a chair massage pad instead of a massage chair is that it is portable. It can be used on any chair in the house or office and it folds up easily to be taken away on holiday with you.
  • Check for automatic shut-down features in case you fall asleep during your massage as they can be very relaxing. You should only use your massage for periods stated by the manufacturer as not to over work your muscles.
  • Chair massage pads are easy to install and can be strapped to a normal chair in an instant.
  • By understanding the different models you will be able to select a massage with a rolling function as well as a Shiatsu massage which encompasses a kneading effect.

Some of the Con’s

  • Some massagers do not suit all body types for instance if you are tall or short then they will not reach all areas of your body. You need to consider this when purchasing.
  • Make sure the massager that you select will reach your neck and shoulder areas as some models do and some will not.
  • If you want a massager specifically for your lower back make sure that it will reach that area.

Massage cushions are very affordable in comparison to a massage chair. They can be easily packed away for later use or taken away on holiday.

When choosing your chair massage pad think about what you want and need from the product.


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