Self massage mini routine

Self massage mini routine guide

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This self massage mini routine is strictly for relaxation purposes. It is not to be used to treat health problems. Do not attempt it if you are pregnant or have any health conditions that might be affected by massage. Always consult a physician before beginning any new health or fitness routine.

Self massage mini routine
Irrigate your head
One of the biggest causes for all of your problems, whether you know it or not, is a
non-irrigated head. Think about it. All day long you’re walking or standing or sitting, and your head is the highest point on your body. Your heart has to pump the blood against gravity to supply your brain, which can leave you feeling foggy-headed at times. Have you ever experienced that in the middle of a long day at work? Why not help your brain stay sharp by irrigating it with extra oxygen-rich blood?

A great way to start the self-massage routine is to simply lean forward in your chair, getting
your head somewhere in the vicinity of your knees. Keep your feet flat on the ground and
clasp your hands behind your back. If you feel limber enough, raise your hands up toward the ceiling for a nice stretch.  Stretch your arms and upper back.

Sitting upright once again, continue your warm-up by reaching across your body with one arm and grasping it at the elbow with the opposite hand. Pull the elbow in against your chest, which should create a stretching sensation across your shoulder. If you don’t feel a stretching sensation, either you’re super-limber, or you’re not pulling on the elbow firmly enough.  Repeat with the other arm.

Reach around to the back of your neck this time, grasp your elbow once again and pull to the opposite side, which stretches your upper arm and further opens your shoulder joint. For an extra stretch, bend toward the side you’re pulling with at the same time.
Repeat with the other arm.

Massage your temples, face and jaw
Time to start the actual massage moves. Reach up and apply circular rubbing to your
temples. This move is a good way to combat tension headaches. Make your circles slow,
deliberate, and firm, staying in contact with one area on the skin while you move over the
bones below.
Sliding your fingers up on to your forehead, continue the circular rubbing until your fingers
meet in the middle above the nose. Then push in with the fingertips and glide back toward the temples again, keeping firm pressure against the skin the whole time. Repeat two more times.

You may be surprised at how much tension gets lodged in your jaw muscles. Tension hides out there like an enemy soldier wearing camouflage gear, especially while you’re sitting at our desk, straining forward to concentrate on the computer screen. With the proper pressure and sensitivity, you can flush this tension out.

Using your fingertips, press in at the angle of your jaw, and while you’re pressing, open and close your mouth slightly, which allows you to find the exact point that feels like it’s holding the most tension. Apply slow deep circular rubbing to that spot, plus a little pinpoint     pressure, until you feel your jaw start to relax.

You should feel much better after this self massage mini routine.