Zyllion zma 14 bk Shiatsu massaging cushion

Zyllion zma 14 bk ShiatsuZyllion zma 14 bk Shiatsu massaging cushion is great for those who are looking for massage cushion that includes a neck massager.
If you don’t want to spend a large amount of money on a massage chair, and don’t have the space for an extra armchair chair or sofa, then the massage cushion could be the perfect answer for you.
Massage cushions are also referred to as a massage pad, massage topper or massaging seat cushion.

Installation of the massage cushion is quick and easy as they will fit straight into your chair no matter where you are at home or in the office if you feel the need to have a massage.
Storage is a simple just fold and put it away for latter use, or you may leave it in your armchair ready for the next massage.
This massager has two sets of rollers: four that massage into your back; and four that massages your neck and shoulders.

It uses a kneading and rolling technique as it massages which relieves the muscles along with the vibration and has a soothing heat in the back section.
Deep kneading and rolling massages at the neck, upper back and lower back help relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

Unique up-down motion of the massage nodes are designed with the concept of somatology. Multiple massage heads work together to imitate real full body kneading and rolling massage with human hands.

This massage cushion has three massage variations-full back, lower back, and upper back massage-making it versatile and perfect to use in the office or at home.

Features of theZyllion zma 14 bk Shiatsu

• Kneading (Shiatsu) for the neck
• Kneading and gentler rolling for your back
• Vibration in the seat with adjustable intensity
• Heat function
• Width adjustment
• Spot massage

It unpacks and installs in just moments on your favourite arm chair or on the sofa, any type of seat that you feel comfortable and require a massage in.
You can leave your massager in your chair or pack it away quickly for use next time.

The Zyllion zma 14 bk Shiatsu is great on price compared to other massagers on the market. It’s very user friendly and can be transported with you where ever you need to go.


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